The New Trend In Plastic Surgeries: Look Like A Snapchat Filter

The new trend in surgeries: look like a Snapchat filter

Learn more about this phenomenon and the new syndrome called “Snapchat Dysmorphia”.

Snapchat and Instagram filters are one of the most popular functions within social networks since they give us a different and fun appearance; however, many studies suggest that they are moving us far from reality. 

According to an article published by JAMA facial plastic surgery, photo editing is the new standard of beauty that young people are adopting, so much so, that the most requested plastic surgeries try to replicate the effects of these filters in real life.

The purpose is to find an alternative version of how you really look, aspiring to see you as a photographic filter shows: with a porcelain effect on the skin, larger eyes, more populated eyelashes and sharper lips and nose.

surgeries to look like a snapchat filter

Neither Gigi Hadid has resisted taking advantage of the effects of the filters. 

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Several studies have reported that the main reason why people undergo surgeries is that they want to look better in their selfies or want to be more like the person they project in their social networks, a “perfect” version of themselves in which Evarios aspects of your real physical appearance are altered.


surgeries to look like a snapchat filter

This mental transformation of the way we see ourselves has caused a syndrome called “Snapchat Dismorphia” and refers to a mental disorder in which people are severely worried about their physical appearance and want to look like the altered image they see in everything type filters of Snapchat and Instagram. This syndrome is very dangerous because it promotes unattainable beauty standards and a loss of reality.

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