How to gain weight safely

How to gain weight safely

Eat as much as you like – and just not gain weight? For some, that sounds like a dream. But for sufferers who feel too thin, it is often annoying: they eat and eat without the weight increasing. Some tips can help and make it easier to gain weight.

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You feel thin and want to gain weight? Do not reach for chips and coke! With these tips, you are healthy.

For some, it sounds like a dream, but for the victims is often a burden: Some people just do not take to. You can eat as much as you like, but the weight just does not climb up. Not everyone wants to be slim. “It is often less about simply gaining weight,” says the trained nutritionist Maike Ehrlichmann. “The goal is more to get strong muscles and give the body a nice shape.”

If you want to achieve that, you should eat sensibly. “It does not help if you want to increase with chips and coke,” says the expert. In any case, it usually does not help those affected to just eat more calories. Excess energy is usually eliminated easily. “What is more important is that the food contains good ingredients.” The quality of the food must be right. Often this works best with food that you prepare yourself.

To set a clear time window for eating

However, some people only believe that they eat a lot and do not gain weight. In fact, they skip meals without even realizing it. “Anyone who is stressed, sometimes forgets the food,” says Ehrlichmann. That applies to at least part of the population. “Mostly those are the ones who want to gain weight.” Fatigue can also cause them to feel little hungry.

Then it helps to introduce a rhythm in everyday life: this includes in particular fixed meals. In addition, you should have a clear time window to eat and take a rest, even if it is only 15 minutes. “It pays off to take your time and eat without a mobile phone and TV or even in front of the computer,” says the expert. Who eats aware, who perceives much better, whether he actually takes a lot to eat or just a little nibble.

Eat the right nutrients

Those who already eat well, but still do not increase, may consume a lot of calories per day. Nevertheless, one should not be underweight. “When that happens, the system of hunger and satiety is often out of balance,” says Ehrlichmann. This may also be because the food is of poor quality and does not sufficiently nourish.

“We need certain nutrients to use to build substance for our bodies,” says the expert. For example, if the body misses a particular amino acid, it will not build muscle if it’s only fed on ready-made pizza instead. “Some people put this excess energy on their stomach,” says Ehrlichmann. “Others just do not take it on.”

Certain combinations are particularly favorable

Good protein and amino acids can be absorbed by the body in certain combinations. “These include, for example, dairy products with cereals,” says the nutritionist. Muesli with milk, yoghurt or cottage cheese or cheese spaetzle are suitable here. The combination of egg and potatoes also does the body good. In a high-fat version, fried potatoes with fried eggs are cheap. Also good are beans and corn, for example in chili con carne or a bean and corn salad with tuna and onions.

“If someone needs extra energy, then I advise to enrich the meals with good fat and protein,” says Ehrlichmann. Protein serves as a building material for the body, fat provides energy. “You can, for example, add cream to the sauce, to the curry or even to the cereal.” Especially suitable is a good organic cream that contains a lot of omega-3. “Even fatty salmon instead of chicken breast is an option.”

Plan useful snacks

Extra energy also provides the body with plenty of butter to smear on the bread and dipping the bread into olive oil at a restaurant visit to the Italian. Avocado provides an additional portion of fat in the salad, even a good Birchermüsli nourishes the body better than a yogurt with flakes. “In between, you can then nibble nuts,” Ehrlichmann advises. Anyone who gets creative here can supplement their food with many sensible calories.

To increase, you should also take snacks and not wait for the big hunger. “So that the blood sugar level and the liver are not strained too much, these snacks should not be too sweet,” says the experts. “Soft drinks and sweets can overload the liver.”

Sport helps to build muscle mass

These can even lead to a so-called non-alcoholic fatty liver. “Even very thin people can suffer from this,” says the expert. Not infrequently you see quite thin people who have a small tummy. “Better than sweets is to eat a salami sandwich or a cheese sandwich in between.” Even a homemade banana bread with lots of butter, nuts and oats is an option. Although it tastes sweet, but does not increase the blood sugar so strong.

And even if sport burns energy: To gain weight, he is one of them. “I definitely recommend a workout that promotes muscle growth,” says Ehrlichmann. This is especially strength training or a mix of strength and endurance. Particularly favorable is the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It will be done regularly in just a few minutes very strenuous exercises.

Healthy shakes are also a good start

“In my experience, the HIIT ensures a very good and balanced appetite,” says Ehrlichmann. “In addition, the building materials in the body then store well.” To build muscle, the body also needs rest periods. “If you sleep less than seven hours, you should perhaps treat yourself to more peace and quiet,” says Ehrlichmann.

And what if the food does not want to slip? Then shakes can help too. However, these should always be homemade and bridged only for a short period of time: “Then you should definitely try to continue with healthy and balanced food.”

Shakes can be done by anyone at home who owns a food processor or a blender. They should not be too cute though. “You can also get a fatty liver from a fruit smoothie,” says Ehrlichmann. The most suitable is a mixture that consists of a maximum of a piece of fruit and some quark or yoghurt, linseed oil and oatmeal.

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