High-Heeled Crocs Are Now Available!!Here How They Look Like!!


High-heeled Crocs are here to up your wardrobe game

If you’ve found yourself lately a bit torn on whether to wear plastic shoes full of holes or high heels, be conflicted no more. Now we can have both as sensible shoe purveyor Crocs has finally made dreams come true with a high-heeled version of their classic flat slingback.

Check. It. Out. Everything you could ever want in a shoe, all in one shoe.

Sensible? Yup. Comfortable? You bet your Swiss cheese hole foot tanlines they are. All of this while no longer sacrificing the height some of us tiny gals seriously need to make our jeans and dresses WERK.

Speaking of werk, evening attire anyone? Yes, these blessedly comfy little numbers also come in sexy, sexy black. Tell your husband not to worry — your outfit for his company’s charity fundraiser will be on-freaking-point.

And if these cozy AF high-heeled miracles aren’t snazzy enough for you, don’t forget Balenciaga’s bedazzled version. For when high-heeled Crocs alone just aren’t extra enough. Oh, and for when you have $850 to light on fire.

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